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Health News: Borlaug honor, blood test for cancer, & public official criticizes CSPC

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The latest: ACSH Advisor Dr. C.S. Prakash receives the 2015 Borlaug CAST (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology) Communicator Award, blood DNA test could detect cancer tumors, and CSPC watchdog puts agency to task for shoddy science.

Former CPSC watchdog condemns her former agency for biased, unacceptable junk science

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Former CPSC Commissioner Nord takes the Commission to task for shoddy science, apparently rendered in service to a pre-determined decision to regulate another safe and useful chemical right off the market. Continue reading

Health News: Dr. Oz fear-mongering, supplements off the shelves, & contraceptive use on the rise

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Dr. Oz questions the safety of the non-browning GM apple- for absolutely no reason, supplements containing amphetamines pulled off the shelves at major retailer, and teen contraceptive use on the rise, but still not quite enough.    

What the hell is GNC selling now?

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The answer is “you won’t believe it.” ACSH’s Dr. Josh Bloom’s new Science 2.0 piece examines why GNC and other supplement retailers are allowed to sell a stimulant called BMPEA Continue reading

“Pesticide linked to bee collapse may pose more risks”: Pure junk from the EU and the NYTimes

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A supposedly scientific body in the EU has called for stringent restrictions and bans on neonicotinoid (“neonics”) pesticides, based on…who knows what? “Sustainability?” “Biodiversity?” Whatever: the evidence on bee colony effects didn’t work, so “let’s try these.” Continue reading

Another party weighs in on the IARC-glyphosate charade

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Another critique of the recent misguided (at best) IARC evaluation of glyphosate agrees with our  dissection of the numerous, ideologically-driven failures of science leading to their assessment that the widely-used herbicide is a likely carcinogen, ignoring new data.
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Pay no attention to the man behind that apple

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Yawn. It’s that time of year again. Perhaps for the lack of anything better to do, Ken Cook and his Environmental Working Group (EWG) merry men (and women) are celebrating “World ‘Let’s Promote Ignorance’ Day,” thanks to their annual “Dirty Dozen” list.
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New CDC/ACS report on cancer shows continued good news

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The latest report on the toll of cancer over the last quarter-century, by the American Cancer Society and the CDC, shows that cancer death rates are way down, and new cancer cases (incidence) as well, contrary to the doom-sayers’ predictions. Continue reading

Pesticides and sperm quality: A quintessential example of junk science

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A report from the Harvard School of Public Health is hitting the headlines hard today. The conclusion: Men who eat produce with pesticide residue have poorer sperm quality than those who don’t. Continue reading

Health News: ACSH in the news, the dangers of overweight pregnancy, & polio for brain cancer

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Catch the latest in health news: ACSH’s Dr. Josh Bloom and ACSH advisor Dr. David Seres both quoted in the NY state attorney general’s press release on dietary supplements, pregnancy while obese carries some dangerous risks like stillbirth, and polio is used to kill brain cancer in a small but … Continue reading


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