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Solid Reporting on the (Non) Risks of Roundup

A well-written and illustrative article in the Washington Post explains a great deal about the U.N.’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, and Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate, Roundup. It should be required reading for Americans concerned about the chemical, as well as GMO food. We’ll explain. Continue reading

Asthma Meds Safe for Babies, Despite Study Findings

A study claims that infants given corticosteroids to treat asthma may face stunted growth in their future. However, the coverage of the study misses the point: despite the concern about potential height, asthma is still a deadly disease and steroids are still an effective treatment. Continue reading

Defending Deserved Nobel Winners from Baseless Attacks

A recent online article, which we find outrageous, bends over backwards to attack several Nobel Prize winners whose contributions to humanity saved many millions of lives. We’ve taken the time to list the writer’s false accusations, challenging each, point by point. Continue reading

Debunking the Myth of Treating Mild Fevers

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When a mild fever strikes healthy kids or adults, that small temperature rise is usually followed with a move towards the medicine cabinet. But there’s a broad body of research that indicates that so-called over-the-counter remedies are simply unnecessary, because the body is perfectly designed to handle this physiological intrusion. Continue reading

Alcohol, Not Just Red Wine, Can Improve Heart Health

Red wine has largely been considered to deliver health benefits, if consumed in moderation. But a new article that pulls together conclusions from dozens of related studies reports that these benefits can also be attributed to alcohol consumption in general, if not done to excess. Continue reading

Another Adulterated Supplement? No weigh(t)!

Welcome to Bizarro World. While people are wearing gloves for fear of touching a cash register receipt, others are “supplementing” their diet with really nasty drugs that can be bought at any vitamin shop. Dr. Pieter Cohen and colleagues examine yohimbine supplements, and found just about what you’d expect: a bunch of crap. Continue reading

Is It A Blue Moon? Environmental Magazine Correct on Phthalates

It’s a rare event when even the fervently anti-chemical journal Environmental Health Perspectives publishes a study exonerating phthalates from contributing to childhood obesity. So how rare is it when it publishes two such studies? Must be a blue moon, again. Continue reading

For Biotech Crops Down Under, Logic Rules

An organic farmer in Australia actually sued a neighbor last year — and won — claiming some of the neighbor’s GM canola blew onto his field and caused some of his crop to lose its organic certification. But the Australian Court of Appeals has now reversed that ruling, which makes complete sense. Continue reading

Antibacterial Soaps: Useless and Maybe Harmful

The ongoing debate over whether an antibacterial ingredient triclosan should be in soaps seems to have become an issue that’s finally settled. It should not be in there — and here are three reasons why. Continue reading

Flawed Pesticide Study Made Scarier by CNN’s ‘Reporting’

It was supposedly a “big” health story. We were told by that there’s now an established link between the development of childhood cancers, primarily leukemia and lymphoma, and the use of pesticides. Sure sounds scary, but the science supporting this study’s claim is suspect at best. Continue reading


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