Chemicals and Environment

Want to really reduce climate impacts? Don’t fear fracking, promote nuclear instead!

An op-ed in today’s New York Daily News calls for attention to be paid — to nuclear energy. This would help fill our energy needs without any impact on climate. It is posited as a message to the masses streaming to New York for the climate march this Sunday. Continue reading

Water pollution not from fracking, it seems — neither are “health” effects

Fracking news, pro (water “contamination” not frack-related) and con (junk survey alleging health effects among nearby residents) Continue reading

Canned threat to women’s health: real threat is needless anxiety via The Times

The NYTimes’ “Well” blog tries, again, to scare women about bogeymen “toxic chemicals”. Another Deborah Blum special, based on zero science and plenty of hype and half-truths (if that much). Continue reading

Bedbugs of Manhattan

ACSH’s Dr. Josh Bloom quoted in The Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2014. Continue reading

The benefits of fracking in America

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There’s not much good news coming from the world’s major energy producing regions, according to an editorial in USA Today. Yet, in the Continue reading

Fear of parabens compromises safety of certain cosmetic products

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Parabens are commonly used in foods and cosmetics as preservatives. Back in 2004, Dr. Philippa Darbre of the University of Reading published a study reporting that many breast cancer tumors contained parabens. This Continue reading

Cindy Crawford attacks PCBs but doesn’t have the facts straight

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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a class of chemicals that were commonly used in electrical insulation and may be found in the window caulking of older buildings. Well-known supermodel, Cindy Crawford, is now taking issue with the presence of PCBs in the window Continue reading

Another organic chemist weighs in on BPA

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Regular Dispatch readers will know that we have discussed BPA—perhaps the poster child of the anti chemical movement— until we are blue in the face (BTF?).

So, it is always nice to know that there are others out there who really understand this topic and agree with us scientifically.
Continue reading

FDA tackles a non-issue: the case against 4-MEI in caramel coloring

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Last winter Consumer Reports came out with a relatively new scare — concerns about a chemical in cola drinks, and other foods with some forms of caramel coloring. The chemical in question is 4-MEI, an abbreviation for 4-Methylimidazole, produced as a byproduct of the manufacture of caramel. Continue reading

Using stupid science to replace other stupid science is just stupid

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If you’re looking for an example of the absurdity of what happens when activist groups stick their noses in areas that are way above their pay grade, look no further. It doesn’t get any better than this. Continue reading


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