Chemicals and Environment

“Watchdog” group warns about “toxic” Christmas decorations. Ignore their barking.

“Watchdog” group’s mission: scare as many people as possible over nothing at all by exploiting the holiday gifting and party season. Waving “toxic chemicals” at us is a good way to generate donations. Don’t fall for it! Continue reading

ACSH’s Top 10 Health Scares of 2014

Here is ACSH’s official list of this year’s top 10 scares Continue reading

Can cosmetic chemicals lower your kids IQ? No. This study is just more junk.

While headlines scream about a link between exposure “in the womb” to common chemicals and lowered IQs in kids later on, the study these alarms are based upon is just more of the same old junk and data manipulation.
Continue reading

Dr. Henry Miller calls for American farmers to “wake up”

Dr. Henry Miller recently penned an informative piece on the EPA’s chemophobia for titled “A Wake-Up Call for U.S. Farmers: The EPA Is Trying to Put You Out of Business.” He argues that American farmers, and the rest of us, need to realize the damage that will be done if the EPA needlessly restricts or eliminates neonics. Dr. Miller references the EPA’s recently issued report claiming that neonics “provide negligible overall benefits” in growing soy crops. However, they Continue reading

BPA study comments section leads to a look at the “academically-based health industry”

Yesterday in Dispatch we wrote about a study asserting a causal relationship between drinking soy milk from a can lined with a BPA-containing polymer, and a 4.5 mm rise in systolic blood pressure (SBP). Of course, we pointed out Continue reading

New, small study finds slight rise in blood pressure after drinking soy milk. Was it from BPA?

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Researchers from South Korea’s Seoul University College of Medicine and its Department of Environmental Health did a double-blind, crossover study of 60 older people to detect an effect of bisphenol-A (BPA) on blood pressure. Their results gave them a basis for asserting a Continue reading

Is fracking the newest “endocrine disruptor?” No. Not that the term has any meaning

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The controversy surrounding the use of hydraulic fracturing – fracking – continues to make headlines. Last week, we highlighted an op-ed written by upstate Republican Congressman Chris Collins calling upon Gov. Andrew Cuomo to end the “moratorium” on fracking in New York. On the Continue reading

NYS Rep. C. Collins calls for the Cuomo fracking “moratorium” to end

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New York State Congressman calls upon Gov. Cuomo to free our economy from the chains of his ill-advised “moratorium” on shale gas extraction: “fracking.” Why shouldn’t New Yorkers reap the same benefits as all those other states? Continue reading

Health News: Baby bedding dangers, Smoking rates down, & Fracking waves

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Catch the latest health news: Why soft bedding is dangerous to infants, smoking rates down but not quite enough, and an unexpected location for fracking waves

Who’s behind the new round of anti-fracking protests in Eastern Europe?

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The controversy surrounding the use of hydraulic fracturing – fracking – in the United States continues to make headlines, especially with the vote in Denton, TX to ban fracking within its borders. Well, a new anti- Continue reading


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