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Bee Wary of Tales of the ‘Beepocalypse’

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Bees die. A lot. They die in the winter, they die in the summer. Sometimes they die in one area, which is what happened in 2006. Why? Well, it could be stress. Or that beekeeping has become a fad, where amateurs are bungling their backyard hive. So there’s mounting evidence that the so-called “Beepocalypse” is not to be Bee-lieved. Continue reading

The False Fear of ‘Toxic Breast Milk,’ Penned by a Skilled Manipulator

Dr. Phillipe Grandjean has a long and well-deserved reputation of being in the forefront of “toxic terror” campaigns. He has launched anxieties about all sorts of fish in our diets, but now he has become a devotee of warning nursing mothers about–of all things–potentially toxic chemicals in breast milk. Continue reading

EPA Earned Its Animas River Backlash – Because It Earned A Reputation For Abuse

Mainstream media have been stressing the term “accident” when it comes to the EPA violating the Clean Water Act and being incompetent about the toxic wastewater gushing out of a 19th century abandoned mine, something media never rationalize about corporations. Continue reading

Kenya to lift ban on GMOs

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The Kenyan government will lift their ban on genetically modified crops in two months, Deputy President William Ruto said on Wednesday. Continue reading

Scotland plans to ban GMO agriculture to protect their “image”

The Scottish Secretary of Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead (who also carries the portfolio for the environment and food) has declaimed his intention to take advantage of an EU ruling permitting nations to “opt out of” (ban) growing Continue reading

Nuclear energy: safe, clean, nothing to fear despite fear-mongering

Fear of nuclear energy is ingrained in us, thanks to the A-bomb and the Cold War chill when nuclear winter seemed very real. Now however we should realize that nuclear energy means cleaner and actually safer energy for our growing needs, despite fear-mongering such as that in the Lancet last week. Continue reading

Nuclear power plants are not nearly as risky as some would have us believe

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Anti-nuclear activists demand that California’s last electricity-generating nuclear reactor — the Diablo Canyon plant — be shut down based on a host of illusory concerns. But do their claims about the risks to human health and the environment really hold water? Continue reading

Junk science report card

This seems like an opportune time to take stock of how we’re doing as an antidote to all that junk science so pervasive in the new media. So this article is entitled…..Junk Science Report Card Continue reading

Environmental activists are ignoring the real bee killer

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Greenpeace really loves bees – so much that they regularly hold bee “die ins” where they dress up in bee costumes and lie on the ground to be sprayed by faux pesticides. Environmental activists have also given eulogies and Continue reading

Fact checking pHony water

An old, and weakened Mahatma Gandhi went 21 days without eating. Other reports have humans living as many as 40 days without food. But to go this long without food, people still have to consume water. Seven days is believed to be the most a person can go without water, but some estimates put that length at closer to three. We are 60 percent water and we need to keep it that way by consuming as much as 4 liters of fluid a day. Continue reading


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