Chemicals and Environment

Formaldehyde in GMOs? Where’s the data?

Posted on by admin

A non-scientist thinks he has discovered that GMOs contain formaldehyde. Continue reading

Pepsi exchanges one artificial chemical sweetener for another artificial chemical sweetener

Posted on by admin

In just a few days, Diet Pepsi will no longer contain the artificial sweetener aspartame. PepsiCo is replacing aspartame in Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, and Wild Continue reading

Science trumps hysteria when it comes to breast milk and pesticides

Posted on by admin

The scientific literature has established that, when possible, breast milk offers terrific advantages to children, so it was the perfect way for anti-science groups to promote fear and doubt about a commonly used pesticide called glyphosate, which has been used by home gardeners for decades under the name Roundup. Though … Continue reading

New malaria vaccine tentatively approved, although more work to be done

Posted on by Gil Ross

The holy grail of malaria prevention, a vaccine effective in preventing this devastating mosquito-borne parasitic disease, is one step closer to reality. The new GSK vaccine, RTS/S now called Mosquirix, provided significant albeit below-ideal levels of protection for infants and toddler, which will save thousands of lives. Continue reading

Bracelet offers latest in chemophobia

Posted on by admin

Are you like me? Are you constantly worried about all the invisible chemicals you are exposed to in your every day? Well now there’s a bracelet that will let you know what Part Per Billion you are being exposed to. It’s called myexposome and you can donate to make sure this technology a reality over at kickstarter. Continue reading

Buyers beware: cellphones may cause cancer! (in Berkeley anyway)

Posted on by Gil Ross

Well, Berkeley California is once again in “the forefront” of another health “debate,” according to the NY Times. And no surprise (again), the topic is anti-science in the service of that city’s prevalent left-leaning “natural is good, technology is suspect” philosophy. A new law mandates a warning, to wit: cellphones and cancer! Continue reading

New York’s natural gas ban had nothing to do with science or health

Posted on by admin

What do New York environmental activists know about science that the entire EPA and earth scientists in 20 states do not? Well, nothing. But science and health was not the reason for New York state’s recent decision to formally ban natural gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing – fracking. Continue reading

Let them eat weeds

Posted on by admin

We’ve taken NYTimes columnist Mark Bittman to task many times for his superficial understanding of the food business, economics, or even common sense. His most recent story is no different: he advocates for weed foraging on city streets as a source of nutritious, organic food in underserved Continue reading

“Study” alleges health concerns linked to fracking — but it’s the opposite of science

Posted on by Gil Ross

Another junk study attempts to scare the public about putative dangers of fracking. Despite the complete lack of scientific rigor involved in its conception and evaluation, the scaremongering got plenty of media attention — which is the point of such an inexcusable violation of the scientific method. Continue reading

How genetic modification could save bananas from extinction

Posted on by admin

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world, but a rapidly spreading fungus has the potential to wipe them out. The fungus, called Fusarium Oxysporum Tropical Race 4 (TR4) is sickening the Cavendish banana. Continue reading


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