Chemicals and Environment

Pro-GMO activists are getting the truth out

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Genetically engineered crops (GMOs) are never far from the news these days, what with groups like EWG and NRDC, the organic lobby, and “environmentalists” of all stripes inveighing against them for a host of implausible reasons. Continue reading

Dr. Joe Schwarcz’ “The Right Chemistry” on Teflon and related chemicals

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Fear of chemicals (“chemophobia”): superstitious, baseless, energy- and resources-draining. Thankfully, an occasional voice of tranquility amidst hysteria appears. Thanks, Dr. Joe (and Boo, Sen. Feinstein!). Continue reading

Health News: Fake drugs, foodborne illnesses, & a voice of reason

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Chemophobia Rampant, Science In Retreat. It Cannot End Well

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in Science 2.0

The baseless, superstitious fear of chemicals has certainly gripped our supposedly advanced population in a haze of inchoate panic akin to the residents of 17th century Salem, or Europeans of the Dark Ages Continue reading

An idiotic governmental policy that will take your breath away—literally

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When it comes to government policies regarding health policy, we’ve seen pretty much every type: Meaningless, but mostly harmless, anti-science, money driven, and ill-conceived and harmful. Continue reading

BPA to join California’s Proposition 65 List. Who Cares?

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It’s Monday morning. No one is in a particularly good mood. This didn’t help.

We have been discussing BPA—a component of polycarbonate and polyether plastics—forever. This should be #1000 on your list of things to worry about (#999 is being hit by a giraffe that fell off a skyscraper.) Continue reading

The SciBabe strikes hard at the Natural Food Movement

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Maybe the name Yvette d’Entremont doesn’t a ring a bell to you, or maybe you know her by her internet persona: The SciBabe. Whatever your familiarity level is with her you need to dial it way up. Start following and listening to her because she is bringing the heat. Last Continue reading

Are GM sweet potatoes safer, riskier, or neither? You may be surprised

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Eat This, anti-GMO fanatics! A new study from an international team of experts reports the “remarkable” finding of bacterial-mediated transgenic components in common sweet potatoes. Their conclusion: genetic modification is an evolutionary, beneficial phenomenon, same as it ever was. Continue reading

Chemophobia week, led by the NYTimes, scaring the public about nothing

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Is chemophobia — the fear of chemicals promoted by the forces of ignorance among the majority of Americans who are scientifically-naive — on the threshold of winning the war? The past week gives disturbing indications that science is on the retreat. Continue reading

Health News: HPV guidelines, Concussions numbers, & antibacterial soaps

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