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Chemicals and Environment

The first great chemical cancer scare? Cranberries, Thanksgiving 1959

The first great chemical carcinogen scare put a damper on many folks’ Thanksgiving celebrations in 1959. A chemical used in cultivating cranberries in the northwest was found to cause cancer at high doses in rodents, and the Federal health agency advised consumers to avoid cranberries. Utter nonsense, then and now. Continue reading

Cracking The Case Of Cage-Free Eggs

Taco Bell will join other fast food companies in the movement towards cage-free eggs, but what does this label really mean? Continue reading

Enough Already, Silicone Breast Implants Are Safe

The 50+ year silicone breast implant fiasco never goes away. Long after the matter should have been put to bed, another study comes out, saying the same thing: no evidence of any harm. American Council trustee, author, and retired plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Fisher speaks out. Again. Continue reading

Glyphosate Safe To EFSA, Despite IARC’s Finding

IARC calls glyphosate a carcinogen but actual experts at EFSA disagree. In fact, they actually suggest raising the the acceptable acute reference dose of glyphosate. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Mice Clean Your Bathroom

A new study just published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology warns that chemicals commonly found in cleaning products — quartenary ammonium compounds — can reduce fertility. But there are problems with this study. Here’s what we found. Continue reading

Now Toast Is Giving You Cancer

A group in the UK is cautioning people against well-done potatoes. Here’s why they are wrong. Continue reading

Don’t Fear Radon Concerns at Home; They’re Overblown

Many homeowners and those buying property are concerned about potential radon-related health issues, specifically having to do with radiation exposure as a cause of cancer. A new publication by Dr. Jerry Cuttler, an advisor at the American Council, dispels that concern using science. Continue reading

No, Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Not Giving You Cancer

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4-MEI is the reason not to avoid a Starbucks latte – 400 calories is. Continue reading

Will Chipotle Remove Meat From Its Ingredient List Next?

Activists know they have Chipotle on the run – so now they are doubling down on their demands. Continue reading

Pulling the Plug on Tampon Scares

A young woman was photographed wearing a shipping carton decorated to look like a Tampax package, with the slogan “Detox the Box!” prominently featured. She and other “activists” were protesting “toxic tampons.” They have better things to worry about — like their own sanity. Continue reading


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