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New app might help prevent binge drinking in students

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Thanks to movies like “Animal House”, “American Pie”, and “Old School,” binge drinking in college has been tightly woven into the fabric of our society.

Unfortunately, binge drinking is not as glamorous as Van Wilder makes it seem. Instead it is a major problem for public health. Each year 2,000 college aged kids die from alcohol related deaths. Another 600,000 are seriously injured. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 4 out of 5 college students Continue reading

California really does care about public health!

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Although it may seem that when California legislators and governors relate to public health they get it wrong (for example with Proposition 65), but sometimes they really do the right thing. Continue reading

GMO wheat field trial: scientific progress, short of success

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While a field trial of genetically-modified wheat failed to reach its goal (of repelling destructive aphids), the progress made in incorporating relevant genetic traits into the wheat genome will yield more information for better outcomes later. Continue reading

Preliminary study links melanoma with citrus consumption

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The investigators found significant associations between the occurrence of melanoma and consumption of citrus fruits and citrus juices — particularly oranges and grapefruit.
Continue reading

Yes, energize Africa’s Green Revolution! Carry on Dr. Borlaug’s work

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A blog posting on the NYTimes site discusses the “Green Revolution” in Africa. While gratifying to read about progress being made, some major omissions need to be addressed in this piece, including the lack of Dr. Norman Borlaug’s contributions. Continue reading

Dr. Joe Schwarcz wipes the floor with anti-aspartame zealots

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Dr. Joe Schwarcz, chemistry professor at McGill University, is well known for his able dissections of quackery of all types. In a recent article in the Montreal Gazette, he takes on and (in our opinion) demolishes the attacks on aspartame. Continue reading

Friday Fad Day: Online breast milk

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Genius or Dangerous? We say the latter. Mothers who are not able to breastfeed are now starting to accept breast milk donations from other mothers or paying for breast milk obtained from online services. These breast milk donations and purchases — the method sounds eerily similar to E-bay — are … Continue reading

Swimming Pools: Where P-Chem becomes Pee-Chem

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It’s summer time and the living’s easy. Time to fire up the BBQ, pull the summer clothes down from the attic (hopefully they still fit) and relax around the pool and if we are talking pools, than we also have to talk about chlorine.

Chlorine and pools go hand in hand. Any pool owner will tell you that keeping your chlorine levels (a Continue reading

Genetic engineering to create healthier pigs

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scientists are working on a way to make domestic pigs resistant to African swine fever, a highly contagious ailment that requires slaughtering of infected animals. Continue reading

What’s new in sex?

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There is a perception out there that the technology and social media booms of the last decade have been detrimental to public health. In particular hookup apps are being blamed by many for having contributed to the increases in sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD/STIs). This belief is not entirely unwarranted; earlier this year the state Continue reading


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