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Association between obesity and cancer

For years, we’ve been hearing about how the obesity epidemic will pose an ever-greater public health threat if we don’t somehow manage to slow it down. Obesity puts one at risk for diabetes, debilitating arthritis Continue reading

Enjoy your holiday dinner — chemicals and all!

All chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, are potential toxicants at high doses but are perfectly safe when consumed in low doses. Continue reading

Health News: Gluten-free fad dangers, mastectomy on the rise, & new heart drug

Watch the latest in health news: the gluten-free diet fad is growing, but few are aware of the dangers; more and more women opting for mastectomies after breast cancer is detected, but why? And drug giant Merck is putting out $1 billion to fund its new cardiovascular drug.. will it … Continue reading

Most American consumers falsely believe gluten-free diet linked to health benefits

A small number of Americans — perhaps one in fourteen — have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. In the case of celiac disease, the only way to manage the condition is to consume a gluten-free diet. However, the gluten- Continue reading

Health Wrap: GM labelings, e-cig conference, & data transparency

Catch the latest health news: ACSH’s Ariel Savransky attends an e-cig conference along with industry leaders and public officials, GM labeling benefits no one, except the organic food industry, and why public officials are seeking more transparency when it comes to data from medical trials.

Labeling GMOs benefits no one — except the organic foods industry

A cogent commentary in the Teton Valley News notes that advocates of labeling laws “are trying to solve a problem that does not exist.” Continue reading

Killer rice? Yes, but it has nothing to do with arsenic

One of our primary missions at ACSH is to inform people about risk, in particular, about theoretical or minuscule risks vs. real ones. Continue reading

Dr. Ruth Kava provides a reality check on dietary supplements on Ohio radio

This morning ACSH’s Dr. Ruth Kava participated in a radio show on Ohio Public Radio —“The Sound of Ideas” available here. The show’s Continue reading

Old McDonald(s) had two farms- yet no harms

What appears to be a big decision by McDonald’s to keep using their current potatoes rather than switch to GM potatoes turns out to be, at least scientifically, no decision at all. This is because on this particular Continue reading

Running seems to be OK for the knees!

Running — at any time of life — is not only not harmful for your knees, but may actually be protective. Good news for joggers who may have been fearful of provoking arthritis. Continue reading


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