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Some consequences for Dr. Oz’s flim-flam “medical” advice

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A Columbia faculty Chair and even Oprah seem to be distancing themselves from Dr. Oz. It’s about time, given both his unprofessional demeanor and potentially harmful “medical” advice on his TV show, and his attempt to distract attention from his own malfeasance. Continue reading

Prominent anti-GMO activist changed his mind after learning the science

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In his op-ed in Sunday’s NYTimes, former anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas explains his conversion to supporting biotechnology as a means of feeding the world’s increasing population, many of whom are or are fated to be malnourished without higher crop yields Continue reading

Obesity, vaccines, & blood pressure: KIDS Edition!

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In this Kids Edition of Dispatch, we discuss childhood obesity, vaccines, and high blood pressure among teens! Continue reading

Too much TV is not good for children. But how much is that?

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TV viewing, even briefly, found to be associated with weight gain in children. Can TV cause obesity? No. Can sedentary behavior — for which TV may well be a surrogate — promote obesity? Yes it can, but how much is “too much?” Let’s not mix up cause and effect. Continue reading

American inactivity reaches new high, even higher for arthritis sufferers

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Americans have an obsession with sports. We flock by the thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, to see our favorite team play on their home turf. We cram into living rooms and bars to watch the games when we can’t be there in person. We discuss them obsessively with our fellow fans and listen to the talking heads dissect them ad nauseum Continue reading

Some food labels probably overestimate calorie content

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Americans trying to lose weight by eating a balanced, low calorie diet often refer to the calorie counts on food packages. But as an article in the New York Times explains, some of these counts could be as much as 25 percent too high. Continue reading

Health News: Food giants’ clever marketing & RealClearScience’s Alex Berezow on Dr. Oz

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The latest in health news: Chipotle, Kraft, 7 PepsiCo ditch GMOs and aspartame in the name of marketing, not public health, and Alex Berezow [from RealClearScience] tells it like it is in his open letter to Dr. Oz- don’t miss it!

A Letter to Dr. Oz from a PhD Microbiologist

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Today we give a mega-shoutout to Alex Berezow over at RealClearScience for his brilliant letter to Dr.Oz. Continue reading

Bowing to anti-science Zeitgeist, major food companies ditch safe and useful ingredients

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Corporate flights from science, Part 2 and 3: Caving to “consumer concerns.” (For Part 1: see Mac/Cheese). Chipotle rids itself of GMOs, while Pepsi eliminates aspartame from Diet Pepsi for sucralose. Major benefit for…public health? Not.
Continue reading

Kraft reformulates mac and cheese in a bow to consumer fears

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According to an article in the New York Times, Kraft is responding to a petition begun by our favorite know-nothing, the Food Babe, and replacing synthetic colors and preservatives in its iconic macaroni and cheese products. Continue reading


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