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Nutrition and Lifestyle

Go Nuts Over Walnuts

Walnuts seem to be making their way into the news with increasing frequency lately. A recent study found that walnuts significantly improved diet quality, endothelial functional (lining of the walls of blood vessels), total and LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”). Continue reading

Top Nutritionists Can’t Agree on What A Vegetable Is

Nutrition advice is as muddy as ever. A food outreach non-profit named Oldways tried to gather a group to sort it all out at the the Oldways Finding Common Ground Conference. Continue reading

Does Holiday Feasting Affect Obesity Rates?

The holidays are challenging for everyone’s midsection but they are a factor in the actual obesity rather than seasonal weight gain? Continue reading

The Tryptophan-Sleepiness Link is a Big Turkey

It’s irrelevant whether you like turkey or not, because someone is going to be handing you a plate of it very soon. And after the meal there’s a good chance that you’ll get sleepy. But will the cause of your drowsiness be the turkey, the booze or your brother-in-law’s tedious commentary about his golf game? We explain. Continue reading

Consumer Reports: Junk Science To Scare People About Meat

Consumer Reports says conventional meat is causing more antibiotic resistance. Here is why they should stick to reviewing toasters. Continue reading

DOJ Takes Criminal Action Against Supplement Makers, Sellers

The U.S. Department of Justice is now finally doing what the FDA has been prevented from attempting in the past — it’s taking down makers and sellers of supplements, pursuing criminal and civil charges stemming, in part, from unlawful advertising practices. Continue reading

6,000-Calorie Diet Yields Clues to Insulin Resistance

How obesity feeds into insulin resistance remains somewhat of a mystery. A new study, which confined normal-weight men to hospital beds while having them consume 6,000 calories per day, sheds some light onto the possible cause of insulin resistance in the obese. Continue reading

‘No-Poo’ Hair Care Based on Doo-Doo Logic

A hair-styling movement is underway that shuns shampoo, which critics say has toxic chemicals and deprives hair of its natural oils. It’s being replaced with products containing aloe vera extracts and essential oils. This is only stirring up fear for those who were otherwise happy with their hair products. Continue reading

US Farmers Shy Away From Organic Crops

Although many consumers believe organic food is better than the conventionally-produced varieties — and are willing to pay a premium for it — U.S. farmers apparently aren’t drinking this particular KoolAid. At least, they’re not rushing to grow organic crops. Continue reading

Use of Automated Insulin Pumps Varies Among Nations

Implanted insulin pumps deliver regular, blood-sugar-based insulin doses to Type 1 diabetes patients, who are often children and teens. This study documents the variability in utilizing this state-of-the-art therapy among various nations, and asks why such variability exists and how it can be remedied. Continue reading


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