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Don’t believe what you read about dietary supplements treating concussions

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Concussions are a major concern among athletes and it is imperative that individuals receive appropriate medical attention in the event of a Continue reading

Health News Update: August 25, 2014

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The latest health news: India and China take many steps backward in GMO advancements, E-cig company fights back, and why eating or skipping breakfast may not affect your weight Continue reading

A doubleheader of GMO stupidity—From the two most populous countries in the world.

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Two recent stories may have rendered the old saw, “one step forward, two steps backwards” obsolete. And not by a little.

In fact, it would not be incorrect to adjust the numbers a bit. Such as: “one step forward, two-and-a-half billion steps back,” because this is the combined population of China and India—two of the places where significantly more food will be required to feed their rapidly-growing countries. Together, they comprise 36 percent of the earth’s population. Continue reading

Does breakfast really play an important role in weight loss?

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Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, with proponents of this meal arguing that consuming a “healthy breakfast” (whatever that means) is an important component of a sound weight-loss Continue reading

Exercise reduces AFib risk in older and obese women

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Atrial fibrillation (an irregular and often rapid heart rate resulting in poor blood flow) is the most common abnormal heart rhythm. According to the American Heart Association, AFib can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure, and other heart complications. Currently, an estimated 2.7 million Americans are affected by AFib. AFib can affect anyone, but typically people Continue reading

Rejection of vitamin K for newborns puts babies at risk—for no reason

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It’s hard to believe, but some parents are refusing to let their newborn babies receive injections of vitamin K, according to the CDC — a practice that the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended for over 50 years. Continue reading

FDA tackles a non-issue: the case against 4-MEI in caramel coloring

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Last winter Consumer Reports came out with a relatively new scare — concerns about a chemical in cola drinks, and other foods with some forms of caramel coloring. The chemical in question is 4-MEI, an abbreviation for 4-Methylimidazole, produced as a byproduct of the manufacture of caramel. Continue reading

Health News Update: August 18, 2014

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Tight glucose control can benefit those with type 2 diabetes

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Past research has demonstrated that tight control of blood glucose levels can help people with type 1 diabetes — the ones who must use insulin — to avoid some of the negative health consequences of the disease. A new study, published recently in The Lancet, extends the benefits of tight control to patients with type 2 diabetes — the more common type usually associated with obesity and overweight. Continue reading

New study supports a change in dietary sodium targets set by govt. agencies

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American consumers ingest, on average, about 3400 milligrams of sodium every day (similar to the diets of most recorded civilizations), well above the dietary sodium targets set by US government agencies and the American Heart Association of 1500 to 2300 milligrams or lower. However, there has been much debate Continue reading


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