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LA City Council pushes a ‘symbolic’ GMO ban

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We’ve heard of useless laws before, but one pushed by the Los Angeles City Council ranks right up there in terms of political boot-licking. Continue reading

FDA recalls are not the end of adulterated dietary supplements

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If the FDA finds that a dietary supplement is adulterated — with a drug or any potentially harmful contaminant — it can issue what is known as a ‘class I recall’ to protect consumers from such products. According to a recent research letter in JAMA, such products don’t necessarily disappear immediately. Continue reading

Green coffee means more green for Dr. Oz, but considerably less for the company that sold the junk

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As you well know, at ACSH, our job is to talk about and reveal junk science. This is usually not especially difficult, since the same set of Continue reading

NYTimes editorial agrees: ban on extra-large sodas not going to help. But they can’t stop there.

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The New York Times editorial board tried — no, they really did — to adopt a science-based position on sugary beverages. But, alas, their belief in Big Corporate Conspiracy theories held sway at last. Big Soda cannot win with the Times. Continue reading

Health News Update: biotech crops benefits, high vaccination rates, and more ebola fears

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Bioengineered crops save lives, so why are so many against it?  The CDC has good news on vaccination rates in the U.S., but we’re not at 100% yet.  More Ebola fears, this time, a community takes it a bit too far.

Biotech crops on the rise— gradually but surely overcoming phony fears

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According to a recent report, since 1996 there have been over 5 billion acres of biotech crops harvested. Continue reading

Friday Medical Wrap: Sugary drinks, Alzheimer’s dish, & rapid weight loss

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The latest in health news: Attack on sugary drinks is back, Alzheimer’s in a dish for research, and why rapid weight loss may not result in weight gain just as fast

Slow and steady may not always win the race when it comes to weight loss

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Current guidelines when it comes to weight loss suggest that losing weight too quickly will result in gaining it back as opposed to losing weight at a slower, steady pace. However, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne, this may not be the case. Continue reading

Re-interpreting calorie counts using activity labels

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The attack on sugary sweetened beverages is back, as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has voiced his support for limiting the size of sugary drinks. Although de Blasio has not yet decided how he is going to approach this Continue reading

Oregon and Colorado debate GMO-labeling laws

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California’s Proposition 37 and Washington’s Initiative 522 previously failed at the ballot box, and now Oregon and Colorado will soon be voting on their own GMO-labeling laws—Oregon’s Measure 92, and Colorado’s Initiative 105. Continue reading


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