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Why More Organic Food Means More Safety Recalls

Organic food has long been a concern for food safety proponents but as its popularity grows, so may the risks. Continue reading

Set My Mayo Free?

Should the government decide if it’s mayonnaise, or should your palate? Continue reading

Salt and Obesity Study Hard to Swallow

Does high salt consumption cause obesity? A recently published study says so, but sometimes research isn’t reliable, or reliably interpreted. After giving this a shake, we’ve found that the results are fairly hard to swallow. Continue reading

Over Bt Spraying, Anti-GMO Folks Undone by Own Argument

It’s OK to eat bacterial proteins sprayed on organic crops, but dangerous to have the plants produce the same proteins, or so say the off-balanced, anti-GMO activists. But as an article in the Washington Post points out, that stance has less support than a two-legged stool. Continue reading

Soda-Heart Attack Study Uses Fizzy Math

A new study tries to demonstrate that there is a correlation between purchase (not even consumption) of soda and heart attacks. It fails miserably, but that didn’t stop the Washington Post from swallowing it whole. Continue reading

Is Losing Weight Just Another Hunger Game?

Everyone knows that if you eat less than you’re used to eating you will be hungry. It’s just a fact of life. But according to Gary Taubes, hunger is the elephant in the room when it comes to weight loss. Continue reading

Expect Only Frowns if Silly Happy Meal Law Passes

The so-called War on Fast Food has not been the healthcare boon that overzealous regulators anticipated it would be. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying, and their latest endeavor is more of the same ineffective thinking, as a New York City lawmaker tries to clamp down on Happy Meals. Continue reading

2 New Alzheimer’s Studies Show Disappointing Results

Simple lifestyle interventions are a tempting target to stave off cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Sadly, two new studies appearing in JAMA show no discernible benefit from exercise activity nor from omega-3 or vitamin supplementation. Continue reading

Hoosiers’ Homework: How to Be Student Salt Smugglers

It appears that some Indiana school children may be forced to create a secret smuggling web. Does it involve drugs, or other contraband? No. They’re doing it just to get through their midday meal. Do we want to raise a generation of students who worry they can’t even trust their own lunch? Continue reading

Will Sugar Substitute Psychos Like Psicose?

Posted on by admin

There’s a new sugar substitute called allulose (aka psicose), with properties that could make it a very popular, non-caloric sweetener. But it must be manufactured. It’ll be interesting to see how psicose will be received by the anti-sugar substitute psychos. Continue reading


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