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Whole Foods Recalls Organic Roquefort Cheeses After Listeria Found

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Another Listeria incident has occurred in organic cheese. Continue reading

Flu May Transmit Through Breast Milk, Study Shows

There is a dearth of information about the transmissibility of the flu virus through breast milk from mother to infant. However, a new study using a ferret model finds that transmission might be possible. Continue reading

Weight-Loss Surgery Improves Health of Some Diabetics

Weight-loss surgery has been shown to help control weight and improve metabolic parameters among obese diabetics. This new study, which produced very impressive results, shows the actual degree of improvement of various types of surgery. Continue reading

Ben Carson Bungles Again, Treating Cancer with Supplements

A news report says Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was associated with a supplement maker, and actually took a regimen of products to treat his prostate cancer diagnosis. After hearing his dubious views on vaccines during the debates, this latest discovery makes us feel even more uncomfortable about his commitment to sound science. Continue reading

Remaking the Peanut to Make Schools Safer

Students with peanut allergies have forced many schools to ban these nuts. However, scientists are working on a solution: trying to create a peanut without the allergenic proteins. They report they are close to a finished product, but regulatory questions abound as the definition of “GMO” is examined. Continue reading

Notable Progress Made on Male Birth Control Pill

There have been many advances in women’s contraception over the past few decades, but the same cannot be said for men. The search for an oral male contraceptive has been a bust thus far, but researchers believe there may be a solution in this area in the not-too-distant future. Continue reading

Debunking the Myth of Treating Mild Fevers

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When a mild fever strikes healthy kids or adults, that small temperature rise is usually followed with a move towards the medicine cabinet. But there’s a broad body of research that indicates that so-called over-the-counter remedies are simply unnecessary, because the body is perfectly designed to handle this physiological intrusion. Continue reading

Fad Friday: Is coconut oil all it’s cracked up to be?

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Supplemental Calcium is Beneficial to Overall Bone Health

A new systematic review of published calcium articles reveals new findings on what to expect from different types of calcium and their correlation to bones. Continue reading

20 Reasons Not To Feed Your Family Organic

Mommy-bloggers paid by the organic industry have been generating fear campaigns of late with “if you love your children … ” guilt trips, pressing consumers to buy organic. In response, David Zaruk says this nutty movement has challenged him to come up with reasons not to. Continue reading


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