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Just as we thought — moderate alcohol consumption isn’t linked to heart failure. Quite the opposite.

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n one of the longest studies of the cardiac effects of alcohol (the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities or ARIC study), Dr. Alexandra Gonçalves of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and colleagues examined data from nearly 15,000 participants. Continue reading

Health News: Fracking support, hope for MS, & Golden Rice benefits

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The latest in health news: The Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency releases review on low-risk fracking, a stem cell transplant method provides new hope for MS treatment, & why Golden Rice mustn’t be stopped.

New variety of GMO potato introduced by JR Simplot

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The USDA approved for commercial sale the ‘Innate’ potato, produced by the JR Simplot company last November. The product is still waiting for FDA approval, who is in the process of reviewing the data. Innate potatoes produce less acrylamide than usual when Continue reading

Health News: Sitting is deadly, pizza isn’t, & Dr. Ross’s latest op-ed

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The latest in health news: Why a sedentary lifestyle is deadly, but pizza consumption isn’t, and Dr. Ross’s latest op-ed in The Daily Caller discussing the sad state of our nation’s public health when it comes to stemming the toll of cigarette smoking.

The problem with using self-report data in nutrition research re: sodium intake and pizza consumption

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Can you remember what you ate yesterday? Last week? Last month? The answer is probably not, and that’s one of the major issues with nutrition research: a lot of studies rely on what is known as the Food Frequency Questionnaire, the most commonly used dietary assessment tool in which participants report the foods they ate over a defined Continue reading

A supplement even we can love!

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Although we here at ACSH have often been skeptical about the utility of various dietary supplements — including many vitamins and minerals — there is one that we think is vitally important. Continue reading

Just a little walking confers health benefits

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It’s been well established that physical activity can help ward off or ameliorate various ailments, ranging from arthritis to heart disease, and may even help prolong life. But the extent to which such benefits are associated with obesity, or how much exercise is needed hasn’t been clearly defined. Continue reading

New device to treat obesity approved by FDA

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of U.S. adults are obese. Bariatric surgery – in which either an inflatable band is placed around the stomach to reduce stomach size or in which the stomach and part of the small intestine are bypassed – is perhaps the most effective means of Continue reading

Does HFCS shorten life? Maybe, for some female mice.

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A new “study” tries to show some adverse impact on mortality from high-fructose corn syrup. But: a) It’s a mouse study; b) the alleged effect was only seen in female mice; c) HFCS has been declared safe by science-based consensus, including ACSH’s peer-reviewed report. Continue reading

New report supports the place of whole grains in a healthful diet

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Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, led by Dr. Hongyu Wu, investigated the relationship between consumption of whole grains and risk of death from any cause, from cardiovascular disease, and from cancer. Continue reading


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