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Health Wrap: GM labelings, e-cig conference, & data transparency

Catch the latest health news: ACSH’s Ariel Savransky attends an e-cig conference along with industry leaders and public officials, GM labeling benefits no one, except the organic food industry, and why public officials are seeking more transparency when it comes to data from medical trials.

Some takeaways from the Wells Fargo Annual E-cigarette Conference

Yesterday, ACSH’s Ariel Savransky attended the 2nd Annual E-cig conference in New York City. Conference attendees included investors, industry leaders and public health and regulatory experts and discussion was Continue reading

So, generic drugs were going to be the savior of medicine. How’s that working out?

In today’s “you could have predicted this” department, we are going to take a look back at the rather naive mindset of the American public that took center stage about five years ago.

At that time, the pharmaceutical industry was facing the “patent cliff”— the loss of the patent life of some of the best selling drugs. Once the patent of the original discovery expires, any company is then free to manufacture the generic version of the same drug the next day. Continue reading

Two proposed bills passed by the House aim to rein in rampant EPA overreach

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed two bills aimed at “reforming” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One targeted “secret science”: their standard procedure of using data immune from review and replication.  Not acceptable. Continue reading

Killer rice? Yes, but it has nothing to do with arsenic

One of our primary missions at ACSH is to inform people about risk, in particular, about theoretical or minuscule risks vs. real ones. Continue reading

ACS’s Smokeout not working too well. Let’s try something different: Vape-Out!

Tomorrow is the 39th annual Great American Smokeout, sponsored by The American Cancer Society. Given the dramatic (lack of) success of getting America’s 42 million smokers to quit, maybe it should be the Great American VAPE-out?
Continue reading

Health News: Deadly energy drinks, tobacco bans, & measles outbreak

Catch the latest news on the deadly risks of energy drinks, a MA town proposes cigarettes ban, and why measles could be re-established as an epidemic if parents don’t vaccinate their children

Public hearing on tobacco ban in Westminster, MA called to an end

Last Wednesday, the town of Westminster, MA attempted to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposal to ban the sale of products containing tobacco or nicotine, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. However, chairwoman Andrea Crete was forced to call the session to an end, as attendees became Continue reading

Survey of teen “tobacco” use yields good news, obscured by alarmist headlines about e-cigs

Good news about Teen Smoking from the CDC! But the CDC leads the media  chorus warning: “teen use of e-cigs triples!” That’s a distraction: Smoking is the problem! Continue reading

Dr. Jerry Cuttler’s presentation on the widespread myths about nuclear energy and exaggerated radiation dangers

ACSH advisor and expert on nuclear energy and ionizing radiation, Dr. Jerry Cuttler, gave a presentation at a recent 7th International School on Nuclear Power in Warsaw. His forceful, science-based campaign to demystify nuclear issues is a must-see. Continue reading


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