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ACP in Support of Generic Drugs

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has advised clinicians where possible to prescribe generic medications, rather than expensive brand name drugs. Continue reading

FDA Adheres to Science: No Mandatory GMO Labels

In 2012 the Center for Food Safety filed a petition with the FDA asking that the agency require that foods produced from genetically engineered (GMO) crops be labelled as such. Finally, the FDA has responded. It said “no.” Continue reading

NYC Coalition’s Significant Progress Against Colorectal Cancer

A New York City-based coalition of healthcare workers, physicians and community outreach specialists managed to increase the city’s screening colonoscopy rate from an abysmal 42 percent in 2003, when the C5 coalition began, to an amazing 70 percent last year. A incredible boon for public health. Continue reading

The first great chemical cancer scare? Cranberries, Thanksgiving 1959

The first great chemical carcinogen scare put a damper on many folks’ Thanksgiving celebrations in 1959. A chemical used in cultivating cranberries in the northwest was found to cause cancer at high doses in rodents, and the Federal health agency advised consumers to avoid cranberries. Utter nonsense, then and now. Continue reading

Stop Smoking Today for the Great American Smokeout

For the last 40 years, the third Thursday in November has been the day of the Great American Smokeout. And since our founding in 1978, we have campaigned against smoking on that day, as well as on the other 364 each year. If you’re a smoker, November 19th is a great time to take that first step towards quitting. And we’re here to help. Continue reading

Flu-Shot Frequency: Annually Beats Occasionally

A recent Boston Globe article about flu vaccinations raised the notion that those who receive a flu shot every year to have less protection than those who get it less frequently. What does science make of this? It’s hard to say. But we say that some protection is better than none at all. Continue reading

FDA Rules On Swedish “Snus”

The FDA has decided to let snus remain on the market. Continue reading

HUD’s Public Housing Smoking Ban: Pros & Cons

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is moving forward with federal regulations to ban cigarette smoking in public housing across America. Which raises the all-important question: How far do personal rights extend when unhealthy behavior is involved? Continue reading

Don’t Fear Radon Concerns at Home; They’re Overblown

Many homeowners and those buying property are concerned about potential radon-related health issues, specifically having to do with radiation exposure as a cause of cancer. A new publication by Dr. Jerry Cuttler, an advisor at the American Council, dispels that concern using science. Continue reading

Spending More Shields Docs from Lawsuits, Study Suggests

A new study’s data seems to support the concept of “defensive medicine,” where if doctors spend more by ordering more lab tests and imaging studies they’ll reduce their risk of subsequent malpractice suits. Continue reading


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