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Antibiotic Crisis: Obama Cares?

In the “twenty years too late is better than nothing” department, the antibiotic crisis is squarely in the news today after President Obama issued an executive order that will establish a new inter-agency task force for the sole purpose of developing a national strategy to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Continue reading

Want to really reduce climate impacts? Don’t fear fracking, promote nuclear instead!

An op-ed in today’s New York Daily News calls for attention to be paid — to nuclear energy. This would help fill our energy needs without any impact on climate. It is posited as a message to the masses streaming to New York for the climate march this Sunday. Continue reading

Water pollution not from fracking, it seems — neither are “health” effects

Fracking news, pro (water “contamination” not frack-related) and con (junk survey alleging health effects among nearby residents) Continue reading

Whole Foods’ Anti-GMO Swindle

Every now and then, someone really gets it.

This past June, it was Alex Berezow, the founding editor of RealClearSciencewhose piece The Lies that Whole Foods Tells blew the doors off of Whole Foods and their less-than-truthful marketing practices.

This time, it is Michael Schulson, whose new piece in The Daily Beast addresses the same topic from a somewhat different angle, and none too gently. It is a must read for anyone who is confused by, or on the fence on the GM food controversy. Continue reading

Gov. Nixon’s e-cigarette veto: harming smokers, not protecting kids

Gov. Nixon’s e-cigarette veto: harming smokers, not protecting kids

Gilbert Ross, M.D

The American Council on Science and Health Continue reading

Lancet asks if e-cigarettes are a “smokescreen.” We ask, why is Horton still working there?

The Lancet just had to get its word in on the “e-cigarette controversy.” Its editorial — written we’re sure by editor-in-chief Richard Horton — toes the W.H.O. line of alarmism and hyper-precaution about this ground-breaking technology. No surprise, given his history.    Continue reading

The neverending, losing war on drugs

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An article in today’s New York Times has some sobering news about the enormous narcotic addiction problem that is so prevalent in this country. Since 2010, there has been a sharp increase in deaths from heroin overdoses in New York City.

According to the Times, “The death toll from heroin has more than doubled over the last three years, presenting a growing challenge to city officials who have so far been unable to reverse the rise.” Continue reading

Policy statements from all over falsely accuse e-cigs/vapors of harm potential

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New policy statements from the WHO, the AHA, and the CDC spew baseless, distorted allegations, warning smokers not to try e-cigarettes and spreading false concerns about “second-hand vapor.” They should be ashamed for selling out. Continue reading

A doubleheader of GMO stupidity—From the two most populous countries in the world.

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Two recent stories may have rendered the old saw, “one step forward, two steps backwards” obsolete. And not by a little.

In fact, it would not be incorrect to adjust the numbers a bit. Such as: “one step forward, two-and-a-half billion steps back,” because this is the combined population of China and India—two of the places where significantly more food will be required to feed their rapidly-growing countries. Together, they comprise 36 percent of the earth’s population. Continue reading

Totally Wicked e-vapor e-liquid company fights “city hall” in the EU

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An e-cig/vapor company takes on the misguided EU “Tobacco Products Directive”. They only have science, the EU’s own treaties, and common sense behind them, but it will still be an uphill battle to save smokers. Continue reading


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