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“Beautiful Mind” mathematician/economist and his wife died for want of a seatbelt. Don’t let it happen to you

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So you wear seatbelts almost every time you get in a moving vehicle? But not when you’re in a cab, or in the back seat? Neither did Dr. and Mrs. Nash, RIP. The Nobel prizewinner didn’t think it important to buckle up. We hope you do, now. Continue reading

More sun screaming on sunscreen from the chemophobic EWG

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We at ACSH operate on a tight budget, but somehow managed to scrape up enough money to buy our good friends over at the Environmental Working Group an oversized beach umbrella. It would seem that they have been out in the sun too long, and are not thinking especially clearly about a summertime issue: How to protect yourself from getting too much sun. Continue reading

Taking it to the streets: Scientists plan events to counter March Against Monsanto

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Simply put: The March Against Monsanto (MAM) is a menace to society. It spreads lies and distrust about science and scientists. Its organizers frequently compare themselves to great American civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks and Dr. King. They say that they believe Continue reading

The American College of Physicians wants us to rethink cancer screening

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The American College of Physicians has come out with a report that questions the value of current screening recommendations and protocols. The report, released yesterday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, calls into question whether current screening practices exhibit high Continue reading

False Medicines: Another culprit in the rise of resistant organisms

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n April, the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) published a special supplement to their monthly journal that covered the global pandemic of falsified medicine. The supplement included 17 articles that covered a range of topics related to falsified medicine including pieces on Continue reading

Critics and supporters discuss new FDA recommendation on MSM blood donation

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In what is being hailed by some as a historic decision, the FDA has decided to change its recommendations for blood donations from gay and bisexual men. In 1983, during the height of the AIDS crisis, the FDA Continue reading

Health Wrap: Brain puzzles, weight-loss drug canceled, & when to screen for lung cancer

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To CT scan, or not to: that is the question. Smokers need to know

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Another apparently-beneficial screening program — lung CT scans for smokers — becomes controversial, when Medicare officials decide it should be covered, contradicting its own coverage advisory committee’s recommendation. Who needs it? The scan, that is. Continue reading

Uganda takes big step toward approving GMOs, an African breakthrough

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In April, we brought you the story of Mark Lynas, a former anti-GMO activist who converted to supporting the technology when he observed the power of GMOs to revolutionize the third world. One Continue reading

BPA to join California’s Proposition 65 List. Who Cares?

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It’s Monday morning. No one is in a particularly good mood. This didn’t help.

We have been discussing BPA—a component of polycarbonate and polyether plastics—forever. This should be #1000 on your list of things to worry about (#999 is being hit by a giraffe that fell off a skyscraper.) Continue reading


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