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Maine’s Dept. of Environmental Protection likely to “regulate” phthalates

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Maine’s “toxic chemicals” likely to expand, based on science-free “consumer concerns”: hyper-precaution as usual. This goes way past even the hyper-precautionary federal Environmental Protection Agency. Continue reading

Are “expensive” but lifesaving new drugs worth it? Waxman says no.

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Seems like old times: a few expensive new drugs (although money-saving in the long-term) lead to renewed calls for “negotiated” prices for Medicare patients — price controls. Short-term savings are short-sighted however: politicians think “long-term” is the next election. Continue reading

Another scare story about deadly WTC-dust and cancer

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The headline blares, “2,500 Ground Zero workers have cancer.” Such alarmist headlines serve neither medicine nor journalism, but do get your attention, which seems to be the goal. Continue reading

Lessons learned about the foolishness of rejecting mosquito eradication programs? Maybe — or not.

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Our regular readers will be forgiven if they are stricken with a case of deja vu right now.

Over the past year, ACSH has weighed in often (and in no uncertain terms) about the foolishness of rejecting mosquito eradication programs in populated areas. Continue reading

New survey of thousands of vapers confirm that they prefer flavored products

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Only 2 weeks ago, a bunch of U.S. Senators, led by Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), ripped into several e-cigarette makers for their alleged irresponsible marketing of their products to young people. The Continue reading

Surge of ecigs propel huge tobacco merger, and array of novel flavors in the Times

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While the global tobacco market is being roiled by mergers and, especially, the disruptive growth of low-risk e-cigarettes/vapor products, the NYTimes decided to report on the surge in production sales — to adults! — of novel vaping flavors. Continue reading

Hank Campbell in the WSJ on the consequences of corruption of peer review

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Perhaps spurred by last week’s seismic announcement by Sage Publications that it was retracting 60(!) papers from one of their journals, Science 2.0 founder Hank Campbell wrote a scathing Continue reading

UCSF opinion piece calls for tobacco abstinence-only for soldiers. Really?

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With all the troubles the United States has to deal with around the globe, “experts” from the University of California-San Francisco think now is a good time to remove tobacco products from military installations. Cold turkey too. Continue reading

ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes now writes for Science 2.0 . About (what else)? antibiotics.

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If you are looking for someone who is perfectly suited to interact with, provide guidance to, or simply scream at the FDA regarding their disastrous policies for clinical trials of new antibiotics—that have put all of us as risk— look no further than Dr. Shlaes’ first Science 2.0 piece. Continue reading

Attack of the killer bananas? Hardly.

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Dear anti-GM food aficionados,

We are warning you that it may be time to stock up on your Whole Foods vegan-burgers and kale because civilization has now taken one more step toward the extinction of all healthy foods on earth.

The latest culprit? The banana from hell.

In fact, this product is SO awful that it will provide deadly vitamin A to the many selfish Ugandans who would prefer not to die from a deficiency of the stuff. They have some nerve. Continue reading


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