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India’s Prime Minister calls for a second “Green Revolution”

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The “Green Revolution,” pioneered by Dr. Norman Borlaug, a co-founder of ACSH and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is credited with saving perhaps a billion people from starvation. India was a prime  beneficiary of increased crop yields in the 1960s. Now a “second green revolution” is needed there. Continue reading

A miracle in Cuba

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If you are 40 or younger, it is virtually impossible to fully comprehend the absolute horror of what life was like when AIDS first made its appearance. The infection was so new, and the brutal way in which it killed HIV-infected people could have easily been a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel. Continue reading

Anti-fracking hypocrites exposed: “Let ’em freeze,” they say

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So-called ‘environmentalists’ had their way with New York’s Gov. Cuomo: they made him ban fracking, a safe, economical and carbon- and health-friendly technology to provide natural gas. An op-ed highlights the hypocrisy of the fractavists and the cowardice of the Governor.
Continue reading

Attacking CA’s new vaccine law, Jim Carrey’s tweeting goes bonkers: Dumb and Dumber indeed

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At last: we in public health have been awaiting an expert opinion on vaccine safety from media celebrity Jim Carrey for such a long time — and now he has spoken! He has strong opinions, but each one is Dumb and Dumber than the last. And his words can do much harm. Continue reading

New study not too high on medical marijuana utility

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Medical marijuana is a booming industry in this country. A recent estimate puts industry growth at 74 percent from 2013 to 2014, with over 2.5 billion in sales in 2014 alone. This is incredible when you factor in that just under half the states allow its sale. From coast to Continue reading

Supplement purveyors may finally have to “fess up” about their products

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Last year a Senate committee dragged Dr. Mehmet Oz over the coals for his promotion of dubious supplements on his TV show. Earlier this year Eric T. Schneiderman, the NY State attorney general, accused several stores of selling mislabeled and adulterated herbal supplements. After that, 14 state attorneys general asked Congress to further investigate the supplement industry. Continue reading

Pope Francis embraces science, GMOs

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Pope Francis can claim many firsts; he is the first non-European Pope since 741 AD, the first from the Americas and the first from the Southern Hemisphere. Given his nuanced positions on science issues like climate change and agriculture, some might also consider him the first scientific Pope. That isn’t correct, but he may be the most scientific in history.

Francis is not scientific due to credentialism, he does not have any advanced degree in chemistry. Instead, he is scientific by behavior. Continue reading

Congressional tactics attempt to derail the FDA’s assault on e-cigs

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The 2009 law which gave the FDA oversight over tobacco products — the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA, the TCA) — is one of the worst laws ever enacted. In the guise of reining in the health risks of tobacco products, promulgated to a great extent by the fraudulent, deceptive manipulations of the Big Tobacco companies last century, the law instead does close to nothing of the sort while erecting substantial obstacle Continue reading

John Stossel’s polemic decries the politicization of science

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ACSH friend and Fox News host John Stossel has penned a commentary bemoaning the current status of scientific discourse in America. We here at ACSH agree, sadly, with the main thrusts of his cri de coeur: fixed beliefs based on ideology are the opposite of science. Continue reading

California’s mega-drought: don’t blame just Mother Nature

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An op-ed in by James Conca notes the benefits of nuclear power in helping to ameliorate, to some extent, the disastrous drought now gripping California (and to a lesser extent, Oregon and Washington). Specifically, he notes the nuclear reactor at Diablo Continue reading


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