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FDA: E-cigs will remain on the market. That’s the good news. But…

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FDA finally issues proposed regulations on e-cigarettes. The complex, 241-page report has something for everyone: good bad and otherwise. The key for America’s smokers: e-cigs will remain accessible indefinitely to help them quit. Continue reading

A large online survey shows that users of e-cigarettes are smokers trying to quit — and they are succeeding!

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Large new study reveals much-needed data regarding the use of e-cigarettes: no surprises. For those who have followed the science, ignoring the agenda and politics: “vapers” quit way more often than expected. Continue reading

Jenny We Hardly Knew Ye. Too bad it didn’t stay that way.

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t’s been a rough month for Jenny McCarthy. Following her backpedaling op-ed in the April 12th Chicago Sun-Times she has taken considerable heat for stating that she has never been anti-vaccine, as well as suggesting an alternative vaccination schedule based on her “feelings.”

We at ACSH approached this from a different angle in a Dispatch item last week, where we asked why should anyone care in the least what a former model has to say about immunology. Continue reading

President Obama signs on to Norman Borlaug’s biotech crusade to feed the hungry

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Dr. Norman Borlaug is praised by President Obama, and in a letter to Norman’s granddaughter, POTUS sings the praises as well of agricultural biotechnology — GMOs — to keep on with Borlaug’s fight to feed a hungry world. Continue reading

BPA now A-OK?

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Anti-chemical and environmental groups must be in a “reactive” mood today. One of their meal tickets, BPA—a component of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins—which has been used for decades, most commonly as a sealant/liner for canned foods, has quietly been removed from the EPA list of “chemicals of concern.”
Continue reading

Regulating salt content of consumer products

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During his stint as Mayor of New York City, Bloomberg and his Health Commissars devoted much time trying to convince food companies that salt was poison, and that they should, as a public service, reduce the amount of salt in consumer products. And his efforts did result in having various food Continue reading

Mammography: More harm than good? A Swiss study may surprise you

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f there is one thing you can say about science and medicine it’s that it is always changing. Bacterial infections used to be easily treatable. Now antibiotics don’t work in many cases. AIDS was a certain death sentence 20 years ago. Now HIV-infected people have life spans that are not too different from non-infected individuals. Continue reading

Vermont Senate approves mandatory GMO labeling law

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Last week, a bill was introduced into Congress that would preempt any efforts by state legislatures to require manufacturers to label the presence of genetically-engineered ingredients in their products. Continue reading

Politicians pile on e-cigarettes again, to “protect our children.” Baloney!

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Another day, another destructive, politically-motivated attack on e-cigarettes, based on the always-useful “protect our children” mantra. Smokers trying to quit are tossed under the bus. Continue reading

Jenny is back: Singing a different song, but still out of tune.

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It would seem that Jenny McCarthy has been expanding and refining her knowledge base in the field of immunology.
After being ardently anti-vaccine for years (and doing who knows how much damage during that time), she now maintains that she is pro-vaccine, but… Continue reading


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