The CDC, again, substitutes their agenda for science re: ecigs and teens

A new CDC report castigates the ten states which continue to allow youngsters to purchase e-cigarettes legally. The CDC neglects to report that several big “public health” nonprofits, especially the American Cancer Society, are responsible. Continue reading

ACSH’s Top 10 Health Scares of 2014

Here is ACSH’s official list of this year’s top 10 scares Continue reading

Want to help smokers quit? Stop lying about e-cigs

Dr. Gilbert Ross in the Washington Examiner, December 11, 2014.

America’s public health establishment, including big nonprofit organizations and many academics, is playing a shameful role in fighting our nation’s most important health Continue reading

New study from well-known researchers shows lower nicotine dependence from e-cigs than from cigarettes

A new report based on responses to an online survey conducted by Penn State tobacco and nicotine expert Jonathan Foulds and colleagues confirms the Continue reading

House Republican leadership urges FDA to loosen its grip on the e-cig market

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Teaser: House leadership urges FDA (and DHHS) to reconsider its stringent adherence to the date at which e-cigarettes were exempted from onerous regulatory hurdles, which if enacted would bankrupt most of them. Continue reading

Reader View: E-cigarette taxes bad for New Mexico

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Santa Fe New Mexican, December 1, 2014.

Lawmakers in Santa Fe recently considered a proposal to institute a tax on vapor products (commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes) at the exorbitant rate of 4 cents per milligram nicotine — a level that Continue reading

Health News: Baby bedding dangers, Smoking rates down, & Fracking waves

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Catch the latest health news: Why soft bedding is dangerous to infants, smoking rates down but not quite enough, and an unexpected location for fracking waves

Smoking rate down a bit, from 18.1 percent to 17.8 percent. Wow. Not acceptable.

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Latest CDC data show adult smoking rate now down to 17.8 percent. While any reduction is a public-health benefit, given the lethality of smoking, this rate has declined ever-so-slowly for too long: we still have over 40 million smokers.
Continue reading

New survey data from the UK confirm e-cig efficacy for smokers trying to quit

Reports of a new survey out of the U.K. confirm other studies and surveys which show that use of e-cigarettes and related reduced-harm products among non-smokers is minuscule, and that many smokers have quit by using them. Continue reading

Health Wrap: GM labelings, e-cig conference, & data transparency

Catch the latest health news: ACSH’s Ariel Savransky attends an e-cig conference along with industry leaders and public officials, GM labeling benefits no one, except the organic food industry, and why public officials are seeking more transparency when it comes to data from medical trials.


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