FDA: E-cigs will remain on the market. That’s the good news. But…

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FDA finally issues proposed regulations on e-cigarettes. The complex, 241-page report has something for everyone: good bad and otherwise. The key for America’s smokers: e-cigs will remain accessible indefinitely to help them quit. Continue reading

A large online survey shows that users of e-cigarettes are smokers trying to quit — and they are succeeding!

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Large new study reveals much-needed data regarding the use of e-cigarettes: no surprises. For those who have followed the science, ignoring the agenda and politics: “vapers” quit way more often than expected. Continue reading

Politicians pile on e-cigarettes again, to “protect our children.” Baloney!

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Another day, another destructive, politically-motivated attack on e-cigarettes, based on the always-useful “protect our children” mantra. Smokers trying to quit are tossed under the bus. Continue reading

NJ tax on e-cigarettes will keep smokers smoking: Letter

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Star-Ledger, April 10, 2014

What a breath of fresh air it was to read Continue reading

Canadian Minister of Health (non)-responds to ACSH’s call for more vaping up North

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ACSH’s dialogue with the Canadian Minister of Health, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, about their confused, confusing and ultimately counterproductive policy re: e-cigarettes. No progress, sadly, in helping Canada’s smokers quit. Continue reading

O, Canada: Why stand in the way of e-cigarettes, harming smokers?

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Canadian tobacco expert weighs in on the hypothetical risks and vast potential benefits of e-cigarettes with the goal of spreading sound science information and evidence about e-cigarettes. Canada could certainly use the help. Continue reading

“The sky is falling”, warns the CDC about largely-imaginary nicotine “poisonings”

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More alarmism from the CDC about nicotine “poisonings.” Two minor points were not mentioned: none of these reports involved serious toxic effects, and any product with such a dramatic increase in the community will experience similarly increased reports. Continue reading

JAMA headlines blare, and gullible press swallows the hype against e-cigarettes, again

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Another attempt to deny the efficacy of e-cigarettes for helping addicted smokers quit, in another JAMA publication. Another misleading, distorted agenda item without merit, pretending to be science. How low will they go? Continue reading

Tons of toxic nicotine is out there — care in handling is required. Meanwhile, keep on vaping!

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Another scare story about toxic nicotine poisonings: another “epidemic” without any actual victims. But yes, do be careful! Some day, someone will be poisoned — we’re only human after all. Continue reading

MN poison control exaggerates dangers to toddlers from e-cigarettes

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More fearmongering hype about e-cigarettes: Minnesota Dept. of Health trumpets “alarming increase in children’s poisoning from e-cigarettes.” Let’s look at the data: nothing actually happened, but let’s be very afraid anyway. Continue reading


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