The CDC in cahoots with the CA “health” dept. ramps up its anti-e-cig propaganda

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Another set of expensive campaigns, funded by your government’s tax dollars, aimed at falsely demonizing e-cigs and keeping smokers afraid to try them. Result: CDC and CA spending your money to kill smokers. Does anyone care? Continue reading

Health News: High-protein myths, Glyphosate ruling, & Dr. Ross’ latest op-ed

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The latest in health news: The myths on high protein diets, Glyphosate ruling ignores the science, & Dr. Ross’ latest op-ed on Science 2.0.

The Shame Of America’s “Public Health”

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in Science 2.0, March 20, 2015

Our nation’s most influential, respected and powerful public health officials and academics are engaged in a vast,corrupt and fraudulent conspiracy to keep Continue reading

Dr. Polosa, Italian vapor and tobacco expert, reviews e-cigs in BMC Medicine

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One of the many baseless “concerns” flung about by agenda-driven opponents of e-cigarettes is that they “might” cause respiratory impairment. A: Compared to what? Cigarettes? Really? B: a new review by an expert says there is nothing to worry about. Continue reading

A Public Workshop – Electronic Cigarettes and the Public Health: ACSH testimony to the FDA

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The American Council on Science and Health, a public health education and consumer advocacy nonprofit devoted throughout our 35 year history to the promotion of sound science in public health policy, urges the FDA to promote Continue reading

Health News: Juices more sugary than soda, misleading headlines, & Dr. Ross’ latest op-ed

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Catch the latest in health news: Kids’ juices more sugary than soda, misleading headlines don’t reflect true improvements in narcotics abuse, & Dr. Ross’ latest op-ed in the New Haven Register warning of consequences to strict e-cig regulations

Forum: Connecticut should help smokers, not cigarette industry

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in the New Haven Register, March 12, 2015

On the subject of public health, the Connecticut legislature is off to a very bad start. New measures have been introduced in both the Houses that would severely interfere with smokers’ ability to quit their deadly habit. Passing laws that re-define common words, such as “tobacco” and “smoke,” is a slippery slope. Using that subterfuge to torpedo a succ Continue reading

Tobacco advisory committee a nest of conflicted members. Some changes are at hand.

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Since its inception in 2010, the FDA’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) has been populated by highly conflicted “experts.” Although it’s powerless, still some rules need following. Federal Judge Leon agrees; FDA’s Zeller does not. Continue reading

ACSH’s Dr. Ross speaks at rally in NYC against proposed e-cigarette regulations

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Last week, ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross spoke at a rally organized by New Yorkers for Smarter Smoking Alternatives (NYSSA), a coalition of local retailers, Continue reading

Jane Brody’s column spreads poisonous nonsense about e-cigarettes

The New York Times’ Jane Brody spreads the false party line on e-cigarettes. She does take note that too many are smoking and too many dying from smoking. Her solution? More money for Quitlines. Right. Continue reading


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