ACSH’s Dr. Ross speaks at rally in NYC against proposed e-cigarette regulations

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Last week, ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross spoke at a rally organized by New Yorkers for Smarter Smoking Alternatives (NYSSA), a coalition of local retailers, Continue reading

Jane Brody’s column spreads poisonous nonsense about e-cigarettes

The New York Times’ Jane Brody spreads the false party line on e-cigarettes. She does take note that too many are smoking and too many dying from smoking. Her solution? More money for Quitlines. Right. Continue reading

Former WHO “tobacco control” official has new outlook on stemming the lethal toll of smoking

Another renowned expert in smoking, nicotine and health expounds clearly and firmly on the potential of e-cigarettes to reduce smoking’s devastation — IF the powers-that-be will allow it. Continue reading


Dr. Gilbert Ross in, February 17, 2015.

Is it mass insanity, or something even darker, that has led America’s public-health leaders to engage in a mass assault on electronic cigarettes? To put this in perspective, their target Continue reading

Machine-puffed e-cigs yielded vapor containing exactly what you’d expect, and not much else

A new study of e-cigarette vapor reveals what we already knew: chemicals of potentially-harmful effect are barely detectable in vapor, and about one-thousand times less than that found in cigarette smoke. Continue reading

Health Wrap: Big news for Hep C, alcohol and stroke risk, & Medicare to cover lung screenings

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The latest in health news: Breakthrough drug when combined with current Hepatitis C drug eradicates the disease in six weeks, alcohol once again is linked to stroke risk in older age, and Medicare is finalizing plans to cover low-dose lung cancer screenings for current and former smokers Continue reading

Medicare finalizes decision to cover CT lung cancer screening

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Following the release of a preliminary plan by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) last November, the agency has officially finalized their decision to cover annual low-dose CT screening for lung cancer.
Continue reading

Cuomo’s craven ‘drop dead’ to New York’s smokers

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in the Washington Examiner, February 9, 2015.

As he looks toward the Democratic presidential campaign soon to begin, Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems to be trying to leave his mark on New York. Unfortunately for the state’s Continue reading

Friday Wrap: Shady supplements, Prop 65 targets e-cigs, & more support for BPA

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NYTimes discusses the shady industry of herbal supplements, Caliofrnia’s Prop. 65 targets e-cigs for their nicotine, and more support for BPA comes from the European Food Safety Authority

It had to happen: predatory Prop. 65 lawyers threaten CA’s e-cig businesses

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Teaser: A group of lawyers warn e-cigarette/vaping businesses in California that they are subject to legal action and fines for not labelling their products as “carcinogens or reproductive toxicants,” as required under Prop. 65, because of the nicotine they contain. Continue reading


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