NYTimes editorial and op-ed sows confusion between e-cigs and real ones

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The New York Times tag-teams e-cigarettes, part of the media crusade orchestrated by the top levels of America’s “public health” and abetted by willing lackeys such as The Times, Matt Myers and ex-FDA head David Kessler. Continue reading

The ACP warns against e-cigarettes. Why? No good reason, but all their peer groups do as well.

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The American College of Physicians, the governing body for internists across America, issued a position statement calling for strict regulation of e-cigarettes, including bans on flavors and advertising. Continue reading

CDC’s latest survey on teen “tobacco” use conflates vaping with smoking. But it’s not the same.

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Another day, another fraud perpetrated by our “public health” leaders at the CDC. Their latest report, Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students — United States, 2011–2014, was released to much hype yesterday, the main news hook was the spectacular Continue reading

Their Product is Doubt: Dr. Satel shows how the CDC is the new “Big Tobacco”

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ACSH friend Dr. Sally Satel’s Forbes article exposes the sleaze behind the CDC’s campaign against e-cigs/harm reduction. She explains how our public health “leaders” have adopted the tactics of Big Tobacco to lie to the public. Continue reading

FDA’s tobacco advisory panel is “dazed and confused” at best, clearly conflicted on snus

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Conflict of interest at the FDA, Part Deux: The tobacco advisory panel, well-stocked with ideologically devoted anti-harm reduction membership, could not determine that snus is less harmful than smoking. Shame! Continue reading

FoxNews’s Greg Gutfeld exposes corrupt CA anti-e-cig campaign

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Greg Gutfeld on FoxNews’ “The Five”: California politicians are spending the taxpayer’s money to fight e-cigs, an effective anti-smoking device. He points out the absurdity of the CA crusade, advises, “It’s not about health: follow the money.” Continue reading

Another study shows nicotine patches do not work. Will the CDC and FDA pay attention?

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The official “public health” mantra for smokers trying to quit is, “Stick with the FDA-approved products; stay away from e-cigarettes.” This, despite their terrible track record. Now, yet another study shows that NRT patches do not help smokers quit. Continue reading

The CDC in cahoots with the CA “health” dept. ramps up its anti-e-cig propaganda

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Another set of expensive campaigns, funded by your government’s tax dollars, aimed at falsely demonizing e-cigs and keeping smokers afraid to try them. Result: CDC and CA spending your money to kill smokers. Does anyone care? Continue reading

Health News: High-protein myths, Glyphosate ruling, & Dr. Ross’ latest op-ed

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The latest in health news: The myths on high protein diets, Glyphosate ruling ignores the science, & Dr. Ross’ latest op-ed on Science 2.0.

The Shame Of America’s “Public Health”

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Dr. Gilbert Ross in Science 2.0, March 20, 2015

Our nation’s most influential, respected and powerful public health officials and academics are engaged in a vast,corrupt and fraudulent conspiracy to keep Continue reading


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