Autism Spectrum Disorders more common in babies of diabetic moms: New study

The causes of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are poorly understood. There have been many... [read]

CDC’s latest survey on teen “tobacco” use conflates vaping with smoking. But it’s not the same.

Another day, another fraud perpetrated by our “public health” leaders at the CDC. Their... [read]

Reader poll results on “no jab, no pay” are in

Earlier this week we wrote about Australia’s proposed “no jab, no pay policy” in... [read]

Dr. Henry Miller looks behind the curtain and others finally notice.  Not Oz’s best day ever.

Yesterday we reported that ACSH friend, Dr. Henry Miller of the Hoover Institute, wrote... [read]

Study shows that snorers vulnerable to earlier cognitive decline. Why?

Snoring (“sleep-disordered breathing”, SDB) and cognitive decline linked in a new study. Does one... [read]

We have been ragging on Dr. Oz for years. Now, ACSH friend, Dr. Henry Miller, gets serious

Dr. Henry Miller, a highly regarded Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute, who specializes... [read]

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