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BMI is Bologna

Insurance companies may be able to charge higher premiums for employees with higher body... [read]

Energy Drinks: The Dose Makes the Poison

Caffeine-fueled energy drinks can provide a quick pick-me-up, and they're popular among young men... [read]

California's Prop 65: Bad For Public Acceptance Of Science, About To Get Worse

California's law was ostensibly crafted to warn the public about potentially toxic substances in... [read]

Wear Red Today! It's Women's Heart Health Awareness Day

The first Friday in February is national "wear red" day, a time when the... [read]

Can Marijuana Ease NFL Players' Pain? Claims Are All Over The Field

The rise of medical marijuana has kicked off a host of medical claims. A... [read]

Mid-Life Crisis Clusters Found In 4 US Cities

Considering hair plugs? Craving a convertible? According to the research from a real estate... [read]


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