Labeling GMOs benefits no one — except the organic foods industry

A cogent commentary in the Teton Valley News notes that advocates of labeling laws... [read]

US Health Officials propose greater transparency in clinical trials

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) proposed a plan... [read]

Some takeaways from the Wells Fargo Annual E-cigarette Conference

Yesterday, ACSH’s Ariel Savransky attended the 2nd Annual E-cig conference in New York City.... [read]

So, generic drugs were going to be the savior of medicine. How’s that working out?

In today’s “you could have predicted this” department, we are going to take a... [read]

Two proposed bills passed by the House aim to rein in rampant EPA overreach

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed two bills aimed at “reforming” the Environmental Protection... [read]

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