Legislators respond to widespread measles outbreak

As we have noted recently, vaccines and vaccine exemptions are hot topics in the... [read]

NV legislator Michele Fiore has her own theory of the cause and cure of cancer. Sounds fishy to us

An actual Nevada lawmaker has developed her own unique theory of cancer causation: she... [read]

Excessive precaution about antibiotic allergies can have deadly consequences

An op-ed by family medicine practitioner Victoria Dooley, MD, in today’s New York Times... [read]

ACSH’s Dr. Ross speaks at rally in NYC against proposed e-cigarette regulations

Last week, ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross spoke at a rally organized by New Yorkers... [read]

Some painful ideas from the NY Times

Today’s New York Times editorial board addresses narcotic abuse in a piece called “Painkiller... [read]

Surgical procedures used to prevent cervical cancer do not affect fertility

Each year, about three million women in the United States will have an suspicious... [read]

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