Dr. Ozvorkian gets busted again. You are better off flipping a coin.

When Dr. Oz eventually goes to the magic fat burner in the sky, he... [read]

Junk study by Harvard School of Public Health tries to link pollution and autism: fails miserably

The search for the elusive “cause” of autism continues: junk studies like this one... [read]

Shout out to Dr. David Seres for an illuminating piece on “Ebolanoia”

ACSH friend Dr. David Seres, the director of nutritional medicine at Columbia Presbyterian... [read]

Prostaglandin analogue drops protect against visual deterioration due to glaucoma

Open angle glaucoma (OAG), one of the leading causes of blindness, affects about 45... [read]

Dutch study shows major functional benefit among stroke patients from clot removal or dissolution

New study shows significant benefits for patients with severe stroke from rapid arterial intervention... [read]

Gov. Cuomo bans fracking in New York, citing “health risks”

After putting off the decision during his self-imposed four-year “moratorium,” Governor Andrew Cuomo announced... [read]

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