Herbal therapy center at Cleveland Clinic purveys...herbs. This is not medicine.

What is “complementary-alternative medicine” anyway? Alternative to what? If a practice is not science-based,... [read]

Our sodium intake is just right, a new study finds

The American Journal of Hypertension released new findings supporting that fact that the current... [read]

Who wins if Vermont passes mandatory GMO labeling law?

Last week, the Vermont Senate approved a bill that would require labeling of all... [read]

A large online survey shows that users of e-cigarettes are smokers trying to quit — and they are succeeding!

Large new study reveals much-needed data regarding the use of e-cigarettes: no surprises. For... [read]

Jenny We Hardly Knew Ye. Too bad it didn't stay that way.

t’s been a rough month for Jenny McCarthy. Following her backpedaling op-ed in the... [read]

The beliefs of the ‘organic mommy mafia’ are on trial

“‘Am I going to be an outcast?’ A friend, who recently moved to an... [read]

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