WHO: More calories mean more obesity. Who knew?

Researchers often delve into the obvious and sometimes find surprising results. That’s not true... [read]

Anti-fracking hypocrites exposed: "Let 'em freeze," they say

So-called ‘environmentalists’ had their way with New York’s Gov. Cuomo: they made him ban... [read]

Attacking CA’s new vaccine law, Jim Carrey’s tweeting goes bonkers: Dumb and Dumber indeed

At last: we in public health have been awaiting an expert opinion on vaccine... [read]

Successful results in Phase IIb study for early PD treatment

Parkinson’s Disease (PD), a neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system, currently affects one... [read]

Top antibiotic Doc weighs in on solutions to resistance problem

Back in May, the British government sponsored a review, headed up by former Goldman... [read]

If you’re going to pick your poison, at least choose the right one

The winner in this month’s “I need a chemistry lesson, and fast” award goes... [read]

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