When life gives you lemons, it’s not because of (chronic) Lyme.

Every year when summer is right around the corner, ACSH typically provides health and... [read]

Foe turned Friend: Herpes virus tricked into helping fight cancer

We are really starchemotherapyting to get creative in the way we treat cancer. In... [read]

Newsweek puts it frankly: “You are totally wrong” about GM food

Newsweek’s recent cover story puts it bluntly: “YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT GENETICALLY ALTERED... [read]

More sun screaming on sunscreen from the chemophobic EWG

We at ACSH operate on a tight budget, but somehow managed to scrape up... [read]

More great news about vaccines: one seems to prevent childhood leukemia

Browse any news publication and you will surely come across a catchy health-themed headline... [read]

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