The FDA acts on homeopathy. Too bad they are 500 years too late.

The insanity that is evident from examining the role (or lack thereof) of the... [read]

New malaria vaccine isn’t perfect, but holds much promise

Malaria, the mosquito-borne parasitic disease, infected an estimated 198 million people in 2013 and... [read]

Car seats and other infant carrying devices aren’t safe for napping, AAP warns

Placing infants in carrying devices such as car seats, baby slings/swings, bouncers, and strollers... [read]

Health Wrap: Homeopathy under scrutiny, the dangers of carseat naps, & more Dr. Oz buzz

The latest in health news: The FDA is— finally— reviewing homeopathic products to decide... [read]

The number of American drinkers isn’t growing, but the number of heavy and binge drinkers is.

Excessive alcohol consumption has long been considered a major health problem in our society,... [read]

Newt Gingrich and the Times: They need to rethink their priorities

We at ACSH are fortunate to have amongst our erudite Advisors Dr. David Shlaes,... [read]

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