American College of Physicians questions value of HPV DNA testing

Back in February, several prominent medical associations made a recommendation that the newly FDA... [read]

Study examines concussion rates among youth, high school, and college football

Football is an extremely popular sport in the United States. The number of boys... [read]

Health Wrap: Oprah drops Dr. Oz radio show, Homeopathy for cattle, & the efficacy of antimicrobial soaps

This week in health news: Oprah Network pulls the plug on the Dr. Oz... [read]

The FDA may be doing something productive to combat antibiotic resistance

The federal government took another small step in the battle to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.... [read]

Europe has already pulled ahead of the US in drug approvals. Now, an HIV test too

This week New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an ambitious plan to significantly... [read]

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