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Two New Developments In Treatment Of Cataracts

According to the WHO, cataracts are responsible for 51 percent of world blindness. While... [read]

Fewer Teens Smoking Cigarettes, But Twice as Many Using Pot

Some young adults have stop smoking those cancer sticks and are now moving onto... [read]

Go Nuts Over Walnuts

Walnuts seem to be making their way into the news with increasing frequency lately.... [read]

Are You A Sport Shopper?

Is shopping a sport? A recent paper by academics attempts to make the case... [read]

Giving Thanks To Turkasaurus

Your Thanksgiving turkey is a direct descendent of the dinosaur. Scientists have found... [read]

ACP in Support of Generic Drugs

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has advised clinicians where possible to prescribe generic... [read]


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