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Beard Microbiology: Grubby Hipsters May Be On To Something

Hipster beards may harbor bacteria that are capable of killing drug-resistant bacteria. [read]

Water Tops the List of Health Concerns for Competitive Eaters

Many competitive speed eaters maintain a steely, singular focus to give themselves the best... [read]

Natural Flavors Are More Radioactive Than Artificial Ones.

It is a little known, and extremely unimportant fact that chemicals from plants are... [read]

Bariatric Surgery Beneficial Even for Older People

If someone has been obese for many years, would undergoing bariatric surgery still be... [read]

Opiates No Better at Easing Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

A systematic review of controlled clinical trials reveals that opioid analgesics are not superior... [read]

BRCA Tests Increasing for Younger Breast Cancer Patients

In a study of younger women with breast cancer, more and more are deciding... [read]


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