Solid Reporting on the (Non) Risks of Roundup

A well-written and illustrative article in the Washington Post explains a great deal about... [read]

Calcium Heart Score May Predict Low Risk of Coronary Events

Two new studies, which deal with the extra information a calcium scan can contribute... [read]

Asthma Meds Safe for Babies, Despite Study Findings

A study claims that infants given corticosteroids to treat asthma may face stunted growth... [read]

Effectiveness of Beta-blockers Questioned by New Study

Beta-blockers have been integral in the treatment of heart disease and high blood pressure... [read]

Defending Deserved Nobel Winners from Baseless Attacks

A recent online article, which we find outrageous, bends over backwards to attack several... [read]

Notable Progress Made on Male Birth Control Pill

There have been many advances in women's contraception over the past few decades, but... [read]


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