The neverending, losing war on drugs

An article in today’s New York Times has some sobering news about the enormous... [read]

The importance of child’s play for developing life skills

In today’s issue of the Wall Street Journal, ACSH friend Lenore Skenazy and co-author... [read]

No, Virginia, there’s still no vaccine-autism link

There seems to be new excitement in the world of vaccine-autism conspirators. As explained... [read]

The benefits of fracking in America

There’s not much good news coming from the world’s major energy producing regions, according... [read]

Policy statements from all over falsely accuse e-cigs/vapors of harm potential

New policy statements from the WHO, the AHA, and the CDC spew baseless, distorted... [read]

Are expired medications OK to take?

Today’s Wall Street Journal examines an age-old question: What does the expiration date on... [read]

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