International review of e-cig studies shows low risk, huge potential benefits

New international review of studies of e-cigarettes confirms the obvious (to most): these devices... [read]

Get the bugs out of our food, says Ruth Reichl

In a hard-hitting op-ed in today’s NY Times, food writer Ruth Reichl takes the... [read]

Are reusable bags really for “the environment,” or just a money-grab?

New York City is now considering putting a ten-cent fee on each plastic bag... [read]

No, Virginia, a tan is not healthy!

In spite of repeated warnings, many Americans run the risk of the potentially lethal... [read]

Maine’s Dept. of Environmental Protection likely to “regulate” phthalates

Maine’s “toxic chemicals” likely to expand, based on science-free “consumer concerns”: hyper-precaution as usual.... [read]

When it comes to running, some is better than none

According to questionnaires administered by the World Health Organization, about 1.5 billion people or... [read]

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