Policy statements from all over falsely accuse e-cigs/vapors of harm potential

New policy statements from the WHO, the AHA, and the CDC spew baseless, distorted... [read]

Are expired medications OK to take?

Today’s Wall Street Journal examines an age-old question: What does the expiration date on... [read]

Later school start times may benefit teenagers

The new school year is quickly approaching and with it comes early start times... [read]

Large study shows significant reduction in new clots among aspirin users

A new study shows a significant benefit in prevention of recurrent venous clots among... [read]

Genetic engineering may lead to a cure for Ebola and other life-threatening diseases

In an opinion piece published in today’s Wall Street Journal, Dr. Henry I. Miller,... [read]

Don't believe what you read about dietary supplements treating concussions

Concussions are a major concern among athletes and it is imperative that individuals receive... [read]

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