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Cancer As Modern Lifestyle Disease? Only If There Was Processed Food 2 Million Years Ago

Yet another cancer has been found in yet another ancient fossil, further relegating claims... [read]

Blood Test for Alzheimer’s: Close Or Hype?

A blood test for dementia would be great but there are limitations as to... [read]

The Flavor Enhancing Molecule in Roasted Garlic Powder

The presence of a molecule that strongly enhances the flavor of other molecules may... [read]

Pediatricians Should Provide Sex Ed, But Many Don't

The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) believes Sex Ed should extend beyond the classroom;... [read]

Calico Cats Are A Walking Genetics Lesson

The black and orange patches that define the coloring of a calico cat beautifully... [read]

Statins Could Help Prevent Some Pregnancy Ills

Statins, those drugs widely used to lower blood cholesterol levels may have an added... [read]


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