A significant (and maybe life-saving) step in controlling chemo-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV)

Of all the side effects people must endure during chemotherapy, nausea and vomiting are... [read]

“The Buzz About a Bee-pocalyse Is a Honey Trap”

ACSH friend and former trustee, Dr. Henry Miller of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, has... [read]

The lack of innovation for drugs combating bacterial infections

Bacterial resistance is a devastating problem. Over two-million Americans suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections every... [read]

Caffeine: it’s all natural — but in very rare cases, it can be deadly

The FDA has posted a warning about the dangers of powdered caffeine. Caffeine? Yes,... [read]

Lessons learned about the foolishness of rejecting mosquito eradication programs? Maybe — or not.

Our regular readers will be forgiven if they are stricken with a case of... [read]

A new study supports a previous one: epigenetic test enhances predictive power for prostate cancer

A new type of genetic analysis of prostate cancers from biopsies seems to give... [read]

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