Avoid those thermal paper cash receipts, says well known anti-science BPA critic, vom Saal

If you believe what you read about BPA and its harmful effects on human... [read]

FDA recalls are not the end of adulterated dietary supplements

If the FDA finds that a dietary supplement is adulterated — with a drug... [read]

City Council’s Plan to Protect Cigarettes and Kill Smokers

Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Observer, October 21, 2014 This Thursday, our city’s legislators... [read]

Green coffee means more green for Dr. Oz, but considerably less for the company that sold the junk

As you well know, at ACSH, our job is to talk about and reveal... [read]

Reports from Big Tobacco: sales of cigarettes plummet. Why? They think it’s because of “vapor” competition.

Sales of cigarettes — real cigarettes, the kind that addict and kill over half... [read]

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