E-Cigarettes Are Safer Than Smoking - But Aldehydes Need To Go

Low levels of toxic aldehydes have been detected in a significant number of flavored... [read]

Soda-Heart Attack Study Uses Fizzy Math

A new study tries to demonstrate that there is a correlation between purchase (not... [read]

New Joints May Raise Heart Risk

Knee or hip replacement surgery can greatly improve quality of life for arthritis sufferers.... [read]

Is Losing Weight Just Another Hunger Game?

Everyone knows that if you eat less than you're used to eating you will... [read]

Supplement Makers Can't Ignore Dead Bodies

Another expose of the phony dietary supplement industry scam by Dr. Pieter Cohen reminds... [read]

Not All Expensive Drugs Are Equal

There are expensive drugs and there are expensive drugs. But they can be very... [read]


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