Suicide Tries Linked to Weight-Loss Surgery? Study Doesn't Show

A new study claims that people who undergo weight loss surgery have higher rates... [read]

Following Rules, Refreezing Thawed Meat is Safe

Ever thought of refreezing meat or fish you thawed for dinner (but didn't cook)... [read]

Even With Sex, Practice Does Make Perfect

The findings may seem obvious, but they hold a lot more substance. Experts say... [read]

African Ebola Epidemic Shows Signs of Winding Down

Many may think the Ebola epidemic ended when major U.S. news outlets stopped covering... [read]

Why Is Mother Jones So Afraid Of Science? And Journalism?

Mother Jones is once again in a panic that the public might engage in... [read]

Weight-Loss Surgery Improves Health of Some Diabetics

Weight-loss surgery has been shown to help control weight and improve metabolic parameters among... [read]


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