CSPI is dead on about GM labeling. Good for them!

We have perennially been on opposite sides of the table from the Center for... [read]

Extreme message to anti-vaccine parents from Alex Berezow of RealClearScience

As the measles outbreak continues to spread, anti-vaxers cling to their beliefs that children... [read]

Study shows possible breakthrough in treating peanut allergies

Australian researchers have successfully trialed a peanut allergy treatment in children, which has potential... [read]

There’s still time to weigh in on Vermont’s GMO labeling law

As one of only a few states that have passed laws requiring the labeling... [read]

Soda does not cause earlier menstruation in girls, period. 

In today’s “don’t believe what you read” entry, we have a real doozy. It’s all... [read]

New study shows addictive potency of e-cigs far less than cigarettes; less than nicotine gum!

New study shows addictive power of e-cigarettes far less than that of the real... [read]

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