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US Academy Supports Replacing of Mitochondrial DNA

The National Academy of Medicine conservatively approved studies to be conducted, on a limited... [read]

Pregnant Women Still Smoking Need A Better Way To Quit

Too many pregnant women in America still smoke, with major consequences for their offspring.... [read]

'Healthy Obesity' May Be an Oxymoron, Study Says

Although obesity is linked to a myriad of negative health effects, there are obese... [read]

Keeping the PBJ, While Chasing NBA Immortality

In trying to become the best team in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors... [read]

The Public Toilet Seat's Place on the 'Ick Scale'

While public toilet seats can potentially transmit germs and viruses among users, similar health... [read]

Here's Why You Shouldn't Give Up Carbs For Lent

So you have to give up something for lent? Don't pick carbs. If you... [read]


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