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New Slippery Surface Prevents Deadly Bacterial Roll Call

Unwanted microorganisms are a fact of life. Bugs grow everywhere we don't want them,... [read]

Z-Pak: Lifesaver or Safety Threat?

Zithromax was everywhere, then it fell out of favor. A new study shows the... [read]

How and When Did Humans Discover Fire?

Much of what we know about early man comes from Gary Larson, the genius... [read]

A Big Advance In Personalized Medicine: Ovarian Cancer

Personalized medicine is the rage but it's yet to realize much of its potential.... [read]

Olive Oil Is Better For Frying Fish - Here Is The Chemistry Reason Why

For fish frying, olive oil really is better. Science says so. [read]

Infants Prefer Toys By Gender

Even at 9 months, girls and boys are drawn to toys long associated with... [read]


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