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Giving Thanks To Turkasaurus

Your Thanksgiving turkey is a direct descendent of the dinosaur. Scientists have found... [read]

ACP in Support of Generic Drugs

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has advised clinicians where possible to prescribe generic... [read]

Sounds Like Science Fiction: Using Google Glass to Assist in Angioplasties

Some technologies wow us simply because they are so cool. A good example of... [read]

FDA Adheres to Science: No Mandatory GMO Labels

In 2012 the Center for Food Safety filed a petition with the FDA asking... [read]

Top Nutritionists Can't Agree on What A Vegetable Is

Nutrition advice is as muddy as ever. A food outreach non-profit named Oldways tried... [read]

Cookin' Your Bird, The Science Way

Don't let Thanksgiving flop; make sure your roast your turkey right! Check out... [read]

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