Athletes being given narcotics so they can play through injuries?  Dangerous, unethical, perhaps criminal?

We have been discussing narcotic abuse lately. It is a huge and growing problem... [read]

FDA bans marketing of testosterone for non-specific symptoms, concerned about possible heart effects

FDA pulls rug out from under “low-T” therapy: testosterone prescriptions can no longer be... [read]

Federal committee encourages tuna consumption for pregnant women

Last year we wrote about the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection... [read]

The New York Times On Drugs - Wrong, Naive Or Misleading?

Dr. Josh Bloom on Science 2.0, March 3, 2015 I never know what I'm going... [read]

Legislators respond to widespread measles outbreak

As we have noted recently, vaccines and vaccine exemptions are hot topics in the... [read]

NV legislator Michele Fiore has her own theory of the cause and cure of cancer. Sounds fishy to us

An actual Nevada lawmaker has developed her own unique theory of cancer causation: she... [read]

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