Why did the chicken cross the road? So it could continue getting antibiotics.

The very touchy issue of whether antibiotic use in livestock (they act as growth... [read]

New York Times Says Mental Illness in Youths is Shrinking: Let’s discuss

There are many ailments that a physician can easily diagnose and health officials can... [read]

Rep. Cole’s HR2058 might save e-cigs from being regulated off the market

The long and winding road which led to 2009’s Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco... [read]

Taking it to the streets: Scientists plan events to counter March Against Monsanto

Simply put: The March Against Monsanto (MAM) is a menace to society. It spreads... [read]

Alzheimer's risk factors, March Against Myths, & Metabolic Syndrome

The latest in health this week: Amino acids key in Alzheimer's may develop 20... [read]

New meta-analyses explore link between Alzheimer's and amyloid

Two large meta-analyses in JAMA shed light on the link between Alzheimer’s disease and... [read]

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